If you and your partner are experiencing difficulty in reaching an agreement about financial issues and/or arrangements for your children, we will encourage you to participate in mediation to see if, with the assistance of an independent mediator, an agreement can be reached.

The mediator is normally a lawyer trained in mediation, with expertise in the area of Family Law, who assists the parties involved by helping them to identify the issues in dispute between them, facilitate discussions and then explore options that can lead to the resolution of their dispute.

We have the expertise and experience to represent parties in the mediation process. Anne Payne is qualified to act as a mediator.

The main benefit of engaging in mediation is that it can usually take place quite promptly. It is a much more cost-efficient and timely way to resolve disputes rather than asking a Court to make a determination. If an agreement can be reached, it reflects the wishes of the parties, rather than a Court outcome being imposed on you.

Where there are parenting disputes over children, other than in some special circumstances, it is compulsory for the parties involved to participate in Family Dispute Resolution prior to commencing Court proceedings.

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