Financial Agreements including Pre-and Post-Nuptial or Cohabitation Agreements

Whether married or not, you have the opportunity to enter into an agreement with your partner, either before you start living with each other or while you are living together, which covers the ownership of property and payment of maintenance while still together or when the relationship comes to an end.

The benefit of such an agreement, particularly if either you or your partner are already established in life (and perhaps have children from prior relationships), is that these agreements can provide protection for the assets that you bring to the relationship. It is an arrangement that can provide both parties with certainty about what happens if you separate and can help avoid costly and unpleasant litigation if the relationship comes to an end.

For such agreements to be binding, each of you must have received written advice from independent lawyers. We are able to draft an agreement or review it, advising you as to whether it is appropriate and binding in its present form as well as explaining any advantages or disadvantages involved in entering into such an agreement.

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