Care of Children

One of the most difficult decisions parents must make when separating, concerns how they will continue to care for their children and make decisions regarding their future.

Our role in these cases is to assist you in reaching an amicable arrangement with your former partner concerning the care of your children and to help you to identify what both you and the Court may consider is in the best interests of the children, by encouraging you to adopt an approach that focuses on the children having a healthy and meaningful relationship with each of their parents.

We can advise on who the children should live with, the time the children should spend with the other parent, who should make decisions about where they are educated, what medical treatment they receive and other important decisions.

Other than in exceptional circumstances, parents are obliged to attend Family Dispute Resolution before proceedings involving children are commenced in Court. We are able to provide representation at Family Dispute Resolution if appropriate, or if an agreement cannot be reached, prepare documents for and represent you in Court.

If an agreement is reached at the Family Dispute Resolution stage, we can assist in formalising the arrangement.

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