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When family relationships break down and a legal avenue becomes the only option open to resolve issues that arise, you need the services of a law firm that not only understands Family Law but also has the experience and empathy to set your mind at ease and guide you safely and securely through the processes involved. 

At Paynes Lawyers we have been specialising in family law for more than three decades and in that time we have come to understand how a family law matter can often be your first experience of dealing with lawyers and therefore it can be quite a daunting and challenging experience.

We appreciate that the outcome of this experience may be one of the most important matters you will ever have been involved with as it can affect your future with your children, your financial security and lifestyle.

That is why we aim to ensure that the process is as painless as possible by ‘walking’ you through what is involved, advising you concerning what to expect as well as giving you the reassurance that the lawyer with whom you are dealing will be there beside you until the matter is resolved.

We seek to provide you with a professional but personal and cost-effective legal service to the highest standards. We will work towards a positive resolution by agreement based on a full investigation of your matter, before commencing court proceedings. Our aim always is to try, wherever possible, to avoid lengthy and protracted contested court proceedings.

We have been representing Western Australian clients since 1982 when, along with her daughter, Anne, Vivien Payne established Paynes Solicitors. Vivien was admitted to practice law in England before moving to Australia where she was first admitted to the Bar in 1964 as one of a handful of women then practicing law in Western Australia.

Anne joined the practice in 1982 and their partnership continued until 1989 when Vivien retired. Anne has continued in the practice since that time and, in 2014, repositioned the practice as Paynes Lawyers.

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